Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sharing space

The awesome critique group I work with suggested we share pics of those who share our studio space. I thought it was such a cool idea that it spilled right over into my blog!

Say hello to "Snoop"! He's our resident stalker. He likes to hang out on the windowsill, next to my studio. This was a rare occasion, as he usually only comes out at night to spy on me and tell me his troubles. I just happened to snap this pic early one morning, before he'd had a chance to retire to our attic!

Here's "Buttons", my precious Lhasa-apso. She was having a bad hair day and was awfully unhappy with me for sharing it with the world. Not to mention, she hadn't even had breakfast yet. The nerve of some people!

Her bed is right beside my desk. It's there because if it weren't, she'd lay on the cold, hard floor, just to be near me. She never leaves my side, unless I have to go out into the world. That is something she really resents. Now that she's really old, I treasure every minute with her.

I also share my space with Button's brother, "Levi". He deserves a blog entry of his very own, so stay tuned!

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