Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It's interesting how inspiring a little one can be. The mere presence of my new nephew "Alexander" is all it takes to brighten my day and lift my spirits. The world takes on a new glow when I see it through these little eyes that are experiencing everything for the very first time.

As an artist, I imagine how bright colors must be...can he feel the warmth of orange, or wonder about the taste of purple? Trees must be so green and pink must surely be soft and squishy.

When you hold a new little life, how can you not feel transformed? There's a tiny face in front of you, who doesn't know anything but joy when they see you. They don't know your dark side, or the fears that have held you back all your life. Looking at him, I wonder where those fears really came from. Did someone plant them, or did I let them sneak in?

Either way, for now, Alex doesn't have any fears or faults...he's perfect. A miracle that makes all he touches turn to magic. For this brief moment in time, his eyes reflect the person he sees as flawless. To him, I am the aunt who will always be there for every birthday, every ball game, and every performance. I'll let him build tents in my living room, finger paint at my kitchen table, and I'll blow giant bubbles for him on hot summer days. I am given another chance to be a better aunt, friend and person than I have been in the past. How could I not love someone so small, who already believes in me and Winnie the Pooh?


sam said...

Awww, what a precious Lil bit of perfection! He is absolutely ADORABLE! And such loving sentiments for and adoring Aunt. There is something about those lil bundles of joy that make everything clear as to why we are here. THanks for sharing such JOY!

Rosemarie Gillen said...

He is perfect and adorable. And they make you see life in a different way.