Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Swirling Tides

It seems a lot of my colleagues, friends and family are changing course these days. It could be in keeping with the economy. It'd be really easy to follow the trend, and place the blame on Washington, but I think it's more than that. There's been a change coming in the air since way before the election, and the economy has been bad for a really long time.

No, this is different. Choices are being made. Lines are being drawn.

Ideas that had been placed on the back burner for years, are now coming forward and being acted upon.

People who have always taken the back seat, are getting behind the wheel and taking back control.

Many are standing up, tired of sitting on the sidelines and accepting only what is offered when there could be so much more.

I'm witnessing greatness in people who are willing to cast aside their doubt and reach for their passion.

I know followers who have suddenly stepped forward and found the strength to lead.

Change is coming. Do we dare to plan, when so much is in motion?

Then there's 2012. Everybody knows about it, but only Hollywood's talking. Maybe we're all subconsciously dealing with it by finally doing whatever it was we've been holding back on. Maybe that's the explanation for the swirling tides of change.

Whether you choose to believe that it's all coming to a cosmic close-or not, you have to admit that something is going on. I have a feeling we'd better all grab a hold, get a firm grip, and prepare for the windy days ahead.

Even I've been checking my compass and preparing to test new waters. Wherever my boat takes me, I'm sure it'll be an adventure!

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