Friday, March 06, 2009

Bitten by the Doodle Bug

I have decided it's time for me to let go a little and revisit what got me here in the first place....doodling. Let's face it, when you've turned your passion into a daily JOB (I shudder just saying the word), it's easy to forget why you started doing it in the first place.

It's true for those of us who write as well. Your passion can quite unexpectedly become your torment. You seize up and suddenly every previously precious word that spills into your word processor seems jaded, cliche, or just plain boring.

Every writer, illustrator, artist, and creative person goes through it. It's how we deal with it that counts. We're all drama queens. I haven't met a creative being yet that couldn't do a bang up job of wallowing in their own self pity for at least a day or two. We moan and groan and convince ourselves that it's just not worth it. Our passion is gone, never to return! Grumble, grumble, grumble.

People who have seen us through previous funks, roll their eyes at our self loathing and praise us in an effort to relieve our "suffering", while secretly reaching for the nearest bucket! Can you blame them?

If you're born with a talent that most can only dream of, whining about it is really stupid. Lighten up and do something different and forget about what it's worth in U.S. currency. It just might remind you of where you started, and why you can never stop!


Augusta Scattergood said...

Well said! And I love the (new?) music on your blog.

Denis Gaston said...

Write on sister!
New music?
I thought a singing frog had gotten loose in my studio.