Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Today's subject: Looking at the flip side

Well it's Wednesday, better known as "hump"day. I can't believe the week is half gone already. But then again, it brings yet another chance to win the lottery and I've made it halfway to Saturday!
An author/illustrator made a comment the other day about waiting, as in waiting for months and months, only to get rejected…yet again. He felt that the whole process stinks, and he was very discouraged.

Waiting around is really irksome, but it also motivates. It motivates you to keep moving and keep writing and keep drawing, or whatever it is that you do. It gives us something to hope for and learn from. And when the waiting is over and the letter from the editor finally arrives, for just a split second...the whole world stops, along with your heart. You remember why you keep doing this, and you remind yourself to breath. Then you rip open the envelope!

I'd also like to share something with you today.

Last year I participated in a group study of Julie Camerons' book, "The Artists Way". Throughout the journey, there were several assignments, geared to boost one's creativity and validate the time given to nurture one's creative self.

One assignment was to write a morning prayer, or statement. Something that would motivate you in times of self doubt or insecurity about where you are in this thing called "life". I gave it a lot of thought, and this is what I came up with;

Today, I will bring from the past only that which will carry me forward,toward a life of joy and abundance.

Today, I will remember that what I do this day will be reflected in all my tomorrows.

Today, I will recognize my fears and receive the tools and the strength to move through them.

Today, I will give the world the best I have to offer and ask the universe for the same in return.

Today, I will open my eyes, so that I may truly see.


Nancy said...

I love the affirmations you came up with; and asservate the truths of abundance for you. Now to feed the unlimited imagination you have; Wednesdays are the middle of the camel's back day.

Rosemarie Gillen said...

How true. Waiting stinks but it is all worth it if you recieve an acceptance letter.
Tour morning prayer /statement is inspiring.

Ginger*:)* said...

Lisa... Welcome to the world of BLOGS!

I love your prayer. It puts things into a certain perspective that is almost a recipe for life.