Monday, March 21, 2011

Turning a negative . . .

Seeing myself as a children's book illustrator, I've always found writing to be a real challenge. Who'd ever imagine that someone so long winded would have a problem finding words, right? Well it's true. I struggle with it.

I know what I want to say when I sit down to write. It's usually something I've been mulling over for days, and then about two lines into it, I draw a blank (no pun intended).  I shlump back to my sketchbook with my head hung low. I curse my mother for teasing me all my life over my inability to spell, yet making no attempt to correct the situation. It's HER fault that I freeze up before the words can escape the confines of my tortured brain, if only she'd been . . . S--SU--SUPPORTIVE!!!!

The only time this doesn't happen, is when I'm really, I mean really ticked off about something. Thoughts flow down through my fingers and spill over my keyboard so fast that this hunt-and-pecker, spell-check freak turns into something that resembles a real typist!

I have to say, being in great writers groups and blogging has helped. You want to talk about support? My crit group members have more than made up for the mental abuse I received as a child. God bless everyone of them!   If I could only remember half the advice that I've dished out while critiquing their manuscripts, I might someday find writing success for myself.

You know the old saying, "Those who can't, teach." I've been at it for so long that I was beginning to think that it's true.

So imagine my surprise when Stephen Mooser's (editor for the SCBWI Bulletin Magazine) e-mail arrived, informing me that my submitted article had been accepted for the March-April edition. Eureka! I could feel the rush. Once more, I'm a published writer! Stick THAT in your ear Mom, I've proven you wrong again!

Now, it's time to dust off those picture book manuscripts and get back to work.

P.S., "Shlump" is not misspelled, I made it up. Get over it. (Lol!)


Mary Lou said...

Lisa you always inspire me. I came to your site today to find the pic you posted on IF, only to find this inspiring read. I so can relate to this. School, reading, spelling, all had there challenges for me. So what do I do in my life become an graphic artist! and I guess a writer? okay I do write poems and stories... My biggest fear the dreaded TYPO! There are days I really must get over myself~
Thanks again for yet another good read! (Hope i spellled everything write) he he

Jenny Sulpizio said...

HI Lisa!

Following your from LinkedIn because so many of your comments are spot-on and you provide wonderful advice.

If you get a chance, follow back.

Jenny Sulpizio
Author of "Mommy Whispers