Wednesday, November 03, 2010

PiBoIdMo Begins!

If you are new to writing for children, this special month could just be the kick-start that you need. Or, if you've been in a writing funk, (not mentioning names) then November could bring you out of your slump! 

Wondering what's happening? 

It's Picture Book Idea Month. The one month out of the year, when we all get together, put our thinking caps on, and bathe together in the glow of creativity! 

How it works: Starting November 1st, you must make a pledge to come up with a NEW Picture Book idea every day until November 30th. That's it! You don't have to write an entire manuscript, just write down something that will give you a kick start later down the road. Like say, a great title for a Picture Book, or a wonderful idea for a unique character, a special scenario, or an intriguing location.

I am writing mine down separately on colorful scraps of paper, and depositing them in a beautifully decorated, wooden box. That makes it feel even more creative for me. I look forward to seeing my new ideas filling up the box. I'm sure that by day 30, I'll have forgotten many of them, but they'll be there waiting for me to rediscover, when time permits. No more wondering what to write about in the days ahead! 

I'm wondering how many of my picture book writing friends are following along, cooking up ideas? I can almost hear the earth shifting under my feet as all that creativity begins to bubble.

If you'd like to officially sign up for the challenge, go to:


Grillyfish said...

I absolutely love your idea of storing your ideas on colourful bits of paper in a box!

In order to keep my ideas together I have put the date and idea number at the top of each page of my notebook and left myself a whole empty page to fill... Working so far!

Good luck and hooray for pb creativity!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, colored paper and a pretty box. How cool. What a nice idea for a month of ideas!