Monday, February 15, 2010

No Longer Heartless

As I began drawing the next illustration for "Alphey Loves Letters" this morning, I was feeling a little down. You see, Valentines Day had come and gone, and yet I still remained "heartless"....meaning I didn't get any of the usual heart shaped candies or pink roses, no stuffed animals or giant balloons, no "I love you" cards, no nothin'.

The truth is, it's sort of my own fault. I have trained my "other half" well. After twenty years of marriage he actual listens to me. So when I said, "PLEASE, don't spend a lot of money", he took it quite literally and didn't spend a single dime. Which leaves me to wonder....has the romance died? What woman really doesn't want anything for Sweethearts Day? He knows me well, so I am sure that he knew better. So to all my guy friends out there, what does this really mean, and don't try to cover for him by replying "stupidity"!

Anyway, back to where I started. I was feeling sorry for myself when the doorbell rang unexpectedly, and I stepped outside to find a package on my doorstep. I hadn't ordered anything in a long time (trying to save money). I was perplexed. Then I wondered, did someone remember me after all?

I tore through the wrappings and discovered a note from my friend Gail. She and I have been collaborating on "Chloe's Secret", a picture book manuscript based on her real-life pup, Chloe. The note was from them both, with a little clue to what was inside. Needless to say, I'm no longer heartless... I'm the proud owner of a little stuffed bundle of love! Kisses to the real Chloe, and hugs to my friend Gail for lifting my spirits!

Now that I'm finally here, I must share recent photo's of Alexander (my great-nephew). Can you believe that he's nine months old already? Every time I look at him, there's something new in his eyes. I no longer see just the reflection of the world as he views it, now there's great understanding as well. He gets what is going on around him, and he knows he's the center of it all.

Through Alex I am reliving my very first memories of existence. His eyes question me about those noisy, tiny things fluttering through the trees and I am reminded of the birds outside my childhood bedroom window. They chirped happily as I gazed up from my crib and watched the curtains lazily float away from the window sill.

Alex blinks with surprise when the wind rushes over him. He quickly inhales, catches his breath, and blushes into giggles. This reminds me of the first winter wind, and my beloved uncle Paul, taking me off to the store to buy my first winter coat.

When I bounce Alex on my knee, singing, "Horsey, horsey, horsey", I am transported back to 1962. My grandpa is suddenly alive again, lovingly looking into my eyes as I bounce with joy. He whispers, "sweet baby girl" in my ear and I reach for his nose.

Alex pulls off a sock, and I feel my own tiny pink toes in the summer sand.

He tries to stand, and I flash back to skinning my knees on the sidewalk...Ouch!

I can't help but wonder what Alex will remember. When he plays "Horsey" with his own son, I hope he remembers the tears in my eyes and the love on my face, and not just the glow of the computer screen behind me! My, how things have changed.

On a different note, I also wanted to share my "Gasperilla Pirate Invasion" experience with you! This year, we went to the night parade. The weather was chilly, which kept many Floridians in their homes rather than coming out in the cold night air. It was fine with me!
The crowd was much thinner than usual, making for more fun than in years past. The pirates threw twice as many beads, and the floats kept coming for two solid hours!

We were exhausted after all that dancing, singing, screaming for beads and jumping up and down! I wish I had more pics, but they all came out either too dark or blurry.

Until next time ya' lilly-livered scallywags! Gotta' go or they'll be makin' me walk the plank!Arrrrrrgh and a "yo-ho-ho"!

Where's that bottle a' rum?


sam said...

Why there you are Lisa! Can't make excuses, but I know he loves you with all his heart, the one he gave you years ago. :o) And what a cutie Pie! So many smiles, so little time. They grow up way to fast for me.
Hang in there! Alphey's almost history.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see you blogging again! I really enjoyed this post, now please keep it up! Cathie