Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Woo-hoo! I seem to be saying that a lot these days. What a blessing.

I just received my copy of the bi-monthly Society of Book Writers & Illustrators "SCBWI Bulletin" Magazine (photos), and there it was...on pages 2 & 23, my illustration!

Getting published is something all writers and illustrators live for. When it happens, our lungs suddenly expand, and for a moment, we breath like normal people do. Our inner world becomes the land of endless possibilities and for about two seconds, we allow ourselves to feel professionally validated.

Like maybe all the work we've done, the endless hours we've put in, and the passion we feel, might someday be acknowledged by people other than those who love us regardless. If it weren't for those people, the ones who constantly feed our bruised egos and listen to us while we ramble on about the "business", I think most creatives would find a nice high bridge to

dramatically leap from!

Yet, getting published means so much more than just validation. It's about accomplishing the impossible, doing something that many people talk about but few ever actually attempt. It's beating the odds, silencing the inner voice that tells you to give up after years of classes, conferences, rejections and in many cases, poverty.

There's something that gets under the skin of a creative person. It's like a hunger to be seen and heard. We put our hearts in harms way, because unconsciously we know that the prize will be worth the risk. Somewhere in the validation, accomplishment and acceptance is the love we so desperately long for. The ability to love one's self.


Augusta Scattergood said...

Can't wait to receive my SCBWI bulletin and see you in there- Congrats to you.
I'll have to figure out a way to slip mention of this tremendous honor onto my blog soon!

Denis Gaston said...

Congratulations Lisa,
I know how hard you work, so getting published is richly deserved.

Sherri said...

I am so pleased for you and I am eternally grateful that you have never given up! Without you, our world would be a much less cheerful and colorful place.