Thursday, September 25, 2008

Across the Pond

It's interesting to think that it took someone, a stranger half-way around the world, to inspire me to end my self imposed exile from writing. Not that I hadn't thought about it. It's just that lately, I've been very aware of the time consumed by reading.

Most reading is time well spent, but a lot of what we read these days is not. I (for one) spend way too much time on the net. I often wake up suddenly, realizing that my eyes have glazed over. I've been in what mimics a drunken stupor, staring silently at the font in front of me. Another hour wasted on information overload.

It's in those moments that I wonder if the writer realized or cared about my time? Time is precious, yet we so easily give it away.

I don't care to be one of those bloggers who writes, just to be writing. I respect my readers. I wait until I have something I think is worth hitting the pause button for. Words shouldn't make you stop living, they should add something to your life! I strive for that. To write words that move you and make you think, to wake you up so that you realize where you are and whether or not you're doing what matters most to you. I refuse to get in line with those who would lure you in, with nothing real to say, only to render you comatose.

So, to my new friend across the pond, thank you. You asked what inspires me? You do. Life does, and the people who really want to live it. Now, go read something worthy of your time!

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Red Eyes said...

My friend , you speak a very dificult truth and I share your views on that. I think it's the most precious commodity - the one thing that we all have that is irreplaceable. I agree, it must be guarded very closely however, I think that truth is more precious than time and guess what? Reading this is something really worthy of my time. It's the truth and pretty hard to find! But much harder is not to run away from it once you have found it...