Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Day for Gratitude

At a time when I would have every right to complain about my life, I keep finding things that make me happy. Imagine that.
This morning I woke up to find hot blueberry pancakes on my table. Who would have thought? Yesterday, I had a piece of this chocolate swirl, cherry cheesecake with my favorite...pecans.

The truth is, stuff like this is normal for me, and in saying that, I realize just how lucky I am.
Not everybody is married to someone who makes fantastic cheesecake. Not everyone has someone thoughtful in their life. Some people have no one at all. But that does not make me less deserving. Thank you Augusta, for giving me that insight.
In my humble opinion, we all are deserving of a good life, just because we were born. It's a shame that some never have the comforts that others take for granted. It's worse that some have everything, and still want more.
I don't have everything, but I have enough. Wouldn't it be great if we could all say that?


Augusta Scattergood said...

I can smell the flowers and taste the chocolate in this post. Thx for the good thoughts. Even tho I'm was feeling like that poor woman with the mop and pail in your illustration, now I have the energy to finish mopping my kitchen floor. Way to go, Lisa. Now, please pass the cheesecake...

Nancy said...

You know passing the cheesecake this way would be SO APPRECIATED. lol. kudos girl.