Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Little Things" = Evolution

It's amazing how every little thing you do counts. You may not know it at the time, but it always comes back around. Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes it smacks you upside the head. But it always returns, every little thing.

I'm becoming more aware of this fact every day. I find myself chosing my words more carefully. They don't come flying out of my mouth anymore, like they did when I was sure I knew everything. Now,I come prepared.

I suddenly understand why mom always had to know what was happening in advance. She had to get ready, so as not to embarrass herself by saying or doing some little thing that would ultimately come back to haunt her. Mom, if you're listening, I get it now.

Last week I opened a new shop on-line,( order to sell some of my art. I had to use all my accumulated "smarts" to figure it out. As I typed in the opening statement, the product descriptions, the shop policies, etc., it occured to me how the little things in my past had prepared me for the moment. Not that what I wrote was brilliant or anything, it was just easy. I remembered a time when that sort of thing would have scared me half to death. I found out about the site from a new student who attends the weekly art class I teach voluntarily for community seniors. It's just a little thing.

This week I became one of the new illustrators on I'd had to apply by preparing a personal profile, which included relative experience, explaining my creative style, medium proficiency, collaborative skills, contract preferences, etc. Unexpectedly, it was a piece of cake. Interestingly, the site moderator came back with, "Nice job! (Now could you teach the other
illustrators how to write?). It's good to have you on the site." I wouldn't have even known about the site, or recieved that pat on the back, if it hadn't been for a little thing I'd done for a friend, without expecting anything to come of it.

My friend Nancy took the time to remind me to come out and play. It's such a little thing, but it means so much when someone cares enough to let you know you are missed.

Every "little thing" you do comes back to you. I've discovered that even when it seems bad, you learn something from it. Something that will carry you forward, somewhere down the road towards your evolution.

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